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The Best New Baubles For The Coming Season

The Best New Baubles For The Coming Season

Trending 2020


by Jennifer Heebner

Jewelry looks for 2020 include themes both familiar and fresh, and all are certain to please. Collectors can expect to find fringed pieces, rose gold jewels, oversized earrings, and more. Jewelry designers’ inspiration abounds, with beauty found at home, on fashion runways, in technology (hello, rose gold iPhone!), with celebs on the red carpet, and even through social media, whose influencers love stacking and layering. The best news of all is that there are no strict rules about jewelry wardrobing; whichever style appeals to you is the ideal acquisition. And if you love all of the pieces featured here? Buying a bigger jewelry box is always an option!

Dream Big

Oversized earrings are having a big moment in fashion. From celebs who wear them to red carpet premieres to the rest of us who simply want a splashier look than regular everyday attire, a dramatic, oversize pair of earrings will grab attention for all the right reasons. Current offerings are monochromatic, leafy, ’70s inspired, and destined to inspire envy. Who doesn’t need some jaw-dropping, chandelier-style or drop earrings in their personal inventory? With so many different materials and looks to choose from, you’ll have no problem finding one — or five — pairs you want to acquire.


Kissed with a twist

Twisting jewelry can add a touch of flair to otherwise simple pieces or take a statement piece to another level. Bypass rings and twisted hoops, especially, are experiencing a surge in popularity and have been spotted adorning celebrities such as Eva Mendes, Rihanna, and Kendall Jenner. The subtlety and class of this trend means it is one unlikely to fade away. Pieces that today are avant garde will tomorrow be classic staples of any jewelry collection.


Stacked Style

Rings with layered effects are one of the hottest trends in fine jewelry. Profiles of stacking rings are typically lower than cocktail rings, offering a practical choice for daily wear. Gems include trending colors of the moment, including blue topaz, pearls, and America’s favorite stone, diamonds. Silhouettes reflect designers’ signatures and some timeless motifs (think beads and crisscross effects). Layered-up looks are easier with broad ring options, and fans of bolder combinations take note: simply work a larger cocktail ring or two into this wide-band mix, and your recipe for style success will be complete.


Pile Them High

There is nothing sexier than a stack of Wonder-Womanesque bangles on the arm! Multiples of slender stacking bracelets allow you to create a signature look, and mixing chunkier bangles delivers powerful style statements. Materials for these beauties range from silver to gold to wood and more, and they’re often set with gemstones for extra oomph. Shapes and themes can get playful — or serious — depending on the maker, many of whom are delivering compelling options. Whether you’re feeling demure or fierce, you can create a personalized stack that helps define your look of the day.


Personal Choices

Sentimental styles are important to jewelry collectors today who want to make their pieces deeply personal. Jewelry, by nature, is highly personal, but many fans go above and beyond to make special adjustments to styles that make them extra intimate. Think of birthstone jewels that silently remind you of children’s birthdays, ring shanks inscribed with a sweet message from a spouse, hidden gems that only wearers can see, and more. Special symbols can amplify personal statements.


Garden State

Gardens abundant in flowers, insects, ferns, and more are a rich source of inspiration for jewelry designers. Expect to see precious metal flowers perched on pendants and earring posts, including enameled styles for realistic coloring, beautiful bug designs sprawling across two-finger rings, and pavé-covered petal bracelets. Nature is a familiar muse for many, calling to mind happy days, birds in flight, and brightly colored flora. Then when winter calls, garden-themed jewels can remind wearers of warmer times. For perennial fans of spring and summer, garden jewels will lift the spirits when temperatures drop.


Fringed Benefits

Fine chain in fringe form offers a flirty look in jewelry. Bold, ’80s-infused styles on runways remind us that play is good, and this is where fringe enters the current scene. Think of creations from Oscar de la Renta and Coach as well as fun skirts at Tom Ford. Fringed effects are in fashion in force, giving jewelry designers plenty of inspiration to lengthen jeweled elements. From fringed earrings that nearly hit shoulders to tassel-like pendants that plunge into the neckline, fringe effects are playful and youthful and exhibit a commanding silhouette.



Long earrings, as striking in profile as stiletto heels, dominated the looks at the Met Gala. Julianne Moore’s yellow and orange sapphire and diamond numbers were part of a colorful Brazilian-theme collection, while Serena Williams’s colorless diamond and emerald drops offered a cooler contrast. Meanwhile, an antique pair on Claire Danes showed that seed pearls, too, can take on a dramatic tone. No matter the material, the staggering length of stiletto-style drop earrings is what fuels their powerful vibe.


Saluting Hoops

Hoop earrings are everywhere this season! This ever-evolving classic is a natural fit with America’s love of athleisure, but hoops coordinate well with gussied-up ensembles. Hoop styles are more varied than in seasons past, giving collectors lots of fun options. There are small huggies that cling closely to lobes, bypass styles in abundance, oversize gold-and-diamond-set hoops, a la J. Lo, and traditional variations of every kind. Hoops are a no-brainer to gift and wear, and will remain a go-to style for years to come. Need a quick style fix? Hoops are your answer.


Chain Reactions

Chains can connect or constrain, but jewelry chains are a perpetually welcome way to elevate style. From slender, pendant-toting pieces to chunky gold curb and Cuban links, chains are a classic accessory being modernized by designers. Metal or carved-stone links create contrasting shapes, colors, and widths, while lengths vary from matinée length to chokers. With the advent of the bold gold trend on recent runways, the importance of chains has returned to jewelry boxes with gusto!


A Star is Worn

The galaxies provide ample inspiration for jewelry designers. Think celestial themes like stars and moons, or diamond-paved Milky Ways in wearable form. From star-shaped stud earrings to bold brilliant drops to blue titanium rings light enough for comfort but strong enough to hold massive sky-like gems, celestial motifs are abundant in jewelry this year. Need a surefire way to punch up your style? Reach for the stars, or at least a star-themed jewel.


Majestic mother-of-pearl

Mother-of-pearl is an organic material produced by some mollusks as an inner shell layer. It is strong, resilient and iridescent, and adds a special glow to jewelry. It reflects the glow of gold and complements the sparkle of diamonds, and adds a subtle neutral tone when a big pop of color is not called for.


Baby Hues

The colors blue and pink are commanding time in the spotlight. Designers are setting turquoise, rose quartz, lapis lazuli, rhodolite garnet, and other gemstones into styles ripe for admiration. These pretty colors coordinate well with most attire, so when bejeweling yourself or buying a gift for a friend, this color duo won’t steer you wrong. Play it safe with a blue or pink style and discover perennial fashion flair.