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Hammerhead Shark Diamond Bangle


Whirl Pave Diamond Bracelet


Gold and Diamond Butterfly Bracelet


Out of Stock

Gold and Diamond Princess Satin Flexible Bracelet


Princess Tassel Bangle with Diamond Accent


Gold and Diamond Paperclip Link Bracelet


Diamond Claw Bangle


Out of Stock

Jewels Verne Sturgeon Cuff


Out of Stock

Shard Bangle


Out of Stock

Palazzo Ducale Double Row Stretch Bracelet with Diamond Accent


Sabbia Bracelet


Out of Stock

Rose Gold Lakshmi Bracelet With Lapis Lazuli, Moonstone And Diamonds


Out of Stock

Love Me Love Me Not Crystal Haze Bracelet


Out of Stock

Dynamite Shattered Bracelet


Magnipheasant Pave Bracelet


Thorn Cuff


Out of Stock

Magnipheasant Pave Open Feather Bracelet


Magnipheasant Pave Feather Bracelet


Fly By Night Pave Bracelet


Out of Stock

Fly By Night Pave Mini Bracelet


My Best Friends Wedding Diamond Bangle


Rounded 3 Row Bangle with Balled Ends


Out of Stock

Verona Pave Flower Bangle




Iconica Diamond Bracelet


Halfway Pave Lattice Bangle


Stretchy Pave Diamond Eternity Bangle


Out of Stock

Three Row Diamond Bangle


Mixed Shape Invisible Set Diamond Bangle


Out of Stock

5 Row Wave Diamond Bangle


6mm Flat Diamond Bangle


Out of Stock

Marquise and Pear Shape Halo Bangle


Out of Stock