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Our Mother’s Day Favorites!

Our Mother’s Day Favorites!

Happy Mother’s Day from the Ladies of Zadok

Amy & Her Daughter

Q: What do you like to do with your daughter?

As of late, we have been cooking dinner, bike riding and doing home mani/pedis. I love being her model for her YouTube tutorials! Ha! What I truly enjoy the most is just spending time together.

Lisa & Her Daughter

Q: What do you and your daughters have in common?
I have two daughters and in each of them I see parts of myself. It’s wild as a mother to literally see yourself in your children. What I can say for sure is that all three of us share a major love for baking and eating raw cookie dough!

Michelle & Her Daughter

Q: What’s your perfect Mother’s Day?
I’m studying to be a CRNA, so I especially cherish the time with my family. I’d love to sleep in and cuddle with my husband and daughter and spend a carefree day just enjoying each other.

Helene with Amy, Lisa And Michelle

Q: How is being a Grandma different than being a mother?
If I knew the wonderful feelings I get when I am with my grandchildren, I would’ve started with them first. A mother’s love also comes with responsibility for raising her child, however with grandchildren, you can concentrate more on the loving part.