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Heather B. Moore Q&A

Meet the Designer

In 1994, Heather Moore began designing jewelry. With a background as a glass blower and metal worker, her designs were quickly considered to be the finest personalized collection in the luxury market. She combines her talent for storytelling with her passion for the arts to create jewelry that allows you to Cherish Who You Are®. This collection is about documenting your story and remembering what shaped it along the way.

“We want your charms to reflect the happiness, laughter, and achievement behind each story. As life goes on, and you have more stories to celebrate, you can add on by choosing different layouts that map out the cherished memories of your journey, wherever you find yourself in your travels. Over time, you will have an amazing collection of pieces that capture moments in time, and truly reflect who you are.” – Heather B. Moore

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Special Q&A with designer Heather B. Moore:

Q: What made you delve into jewelry making?
A: I took one jewelry class when I was at the Cleveland Institute of Art. I had started collecting tools when I was 13… Using those tools, I chose to integrate my friends and families favorite quotes. I would stamp the quotes out in my art pieces with the tools I had collected, and are what we use today. I found that personalization is more valuable.

Q: Which piece from your collection is your favorite to wear every day?

A: Over the last couple months, my favorite piece that I wear every day is my 11 mm rose gold scroll ring with my children’s names repeated all the way around, covering the whole ring! I absolutely love the texture that the pattern of the repeating names creates around the design. To match that I also wear my new leather riveted bracelet, which has the same design repeated in rose gold… and then my dog Linus passed away last summer and I have a yellow gold channel set charm with drawings of Linus running with five diamonds above him signifying my four kids and me! The piece is really cute and makes me smile for sure.

Q: Holiday season is approaching. What Heather B. Moore pieces should be atop the wish list!?

A: There are so many great additional pieces people can get for the holidays! We have some new designs that you can purchase right out of the case which will be at Zadok’s trunk show. We have a beautiful new 14mm wide cuff that is just gorgeous and is available in silver and gold. Our Sanctuary Elephants are fantastic and we’re very proud to say that we are able to donate 20% back to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust @DSWT

Q: What is your favorite aspect of the brand you’ve built?
A: My favorite aspect of the brand is that we are documenting people‘s stories and we are creating family heirlooms that are truly unique. As our customer’s life progresses, their personal collection grows to signify the defining moments to become powerful talismans and conversation pieces. What a wonderful way to get to know somebody! In all of my 25 years of designing jewelry, I’ve never seen the same necklace twice, even with identical twins! I’m also proud that all of the designs and tooling are created in Cleveland, Ohio. Lastly, I love the people I work with every day. Everyone on our team is truly invested in making the highest quality pieces for our customers. We like to think about the customer while we make the piece, we feel like it gives them good luck.

Q: Favorite metal you use in designing?
A: We offer five different metals in this collection: sterling silver and 14 karat gold in the rainbow of colors yellow, white, rose and green gold. While I love the integrity of gold, I also love silver and gold combinations and mixing the different metals together! If you ask me next week what my favorite metal is, it may change! However, this week it is yellow with a rose gold frame or yellow with a green gold frame!!!

Q: Chocolate or vanilla?
A: Vanilla with chocolate sauce☺️…. and whip cream!

Q: If you could live in any era, past or current, which would it be and why?
A: I think this current era is fine, although arguably, I prefer life without cell phones. It’s so distracting and nobody gets their own independence it seems. And it would be fun to live in the old days but with the medicine and helmets that we have today! I certainly have a nostalgia for old things and holding on to history is probably why am so invested in capturing peoples unique stories so that it’s remembered generations from now.

Q: Favorite destination to travel to in the entire world?
A: My children and I have been lucky to go to so many places, but still manage to have a large list yet to get too! Every trip has had its own wonderful experience and challenges!! With four children, my goal has always been to try to show them as many places as possible. From the Galapagos to Africa and Italy, it’s really important for my children to see the way people live in different areas around the world. It certainly allows you to appreciate what you have. Next place we are to go as a family is Nepal. I also really want to go to Egypt, Istanbul, and Greece!

Q: Are you a morning or evening person?
A: I wake up every morning at five so I must be a morning person, but I am known to frequently pull all-nighters with projects at home! I love going on early bike rides with my dad and working out with him when it’s quiet in the morning.

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