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Pasquale Bruni

Meet the Designer

Eugenia Bruni is the daughter of the iconic Pasquale Bruni and has been part of the company since her early childhood. She acquired a natural passion for her father’s work at a young age. Being nurtured in a “loving creative environment,” she was determined to add a feminine touch and color to the collection.

Eugenia Bruni took full responsibility of the creative direction of the brand in 2001, delivering a collection adding a contemporary soul to each new collection.  From “Ghirlanda” to “Sissi” to the iconic “Bon Ton” and “Giardini Segreti”, Eugenia cherishes the true essence of nature, experimenting colors, and shapes to enhance the feminine allure.

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Special Q&A with Eugenia Bruni of Pasquale Bruni

Q: Favorite Pasquale Bruni piece?
A: Ghirlanda Amore e Psiche. I chose a morganite gem in a delicate pink hue that I find irresistible. Ghirlanda is the necklace I would portray any woman with.

Q: Describe your style?

A: An ode to femininity, and to passion through beauty. Celebrating women in nature is the mystery of the feminine essence.

Q: Where do you find inspiration when it comes to designing?

A: I draw inspiration from anything that speaks to me of Love. For better or for worse. I live for love.

Q: Out of all gemstones, which is your favorite?
A: I’m hopelessly in love with Rose Quartz. I think it signifies love; it is a love token for any woman.

Q: Day or Night?
A: I’m a bohemian, a daughter of the Moon. At night I think, and during the day I create, but I don’t sleep much, so it’s basically always daytime for me. I believe that night is a time for love; even when I design jewelry, I love portraying the embrace of light, chasing itself. It is vital energy during the day and exquisite spirituality at night.

Q: If you didn’t have your current position, what would you be doing?
A: I’d still be creating beauty. Always.

Q: Finish this sentence: Every woman needs ____?___ .
A: Every woman needs to feel divine.

Q: Favorite season of the year?
A: In spring, I feel like Flora in the arms of Zephyrus, watching the world, and its dazzling colors, from above… like a butterfly

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