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FP Journe Watches

Discover the world of F.P. Journe through unique collections of exceptional watches. F.P. Journe is a swiss high-end manufacturer founded in 1999 and named after the founder Francois-Paul Journe. The only three-time winner of the Aiguille d’ Or grand prize from the Fondation du Grand Prix d”Horlogerie de Genève. F.P. Journe focuses on complex chronometers with a production of around 800 per year.


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The F.P. Journe History

For over thirty years, Francois-Paul Journe explored all the aspects of ancient horology. Through the restoration of one of a kind historical pieces, he revisits the intellectual and cultural path of clock and watchmakers who have imprinted the history of horological science. He is fascinated by the XVIII th century which remains the golden age of time measurement.

The exclusive for a broader public: Each of the unique pieces François-Paul Journe was creating was the result of countless hours of research, that he saw disappearing when the commissioner took up his watch. He then began dreaming about a collection of high horology watches offering the same qualities – comfort, innovations and performances – but for a wider public!

In 1994 François-Paul Journe started designing his vision of contemporary watchmaking and presented in 1999, a collection of wristwatches signed F.P.Journe with the Latin wording – Invenit et Fecit – meaning “invented and made”. It thereby certifies that each of the watches carrying his name results from an entirely original conception with rigorous craftsmanship. He has to adapt his tailor-made know-how to the process of industrialisation et decorticate all the movements he invent so that each of his components can be manufactured under his specific requirements.

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